Here I will introduce a quite important feature in Pirate World, Tavern, 


where you can recruit captains as partner to help you in your adventure. There are 4 quality grades of captains, green, blue, purple and orange, green captain is easiest to recruit but it is also the weakest, only 2 skills available and low potential, blue captain is better than green quality and purple quality is better than blue, but the highest quality is orange quality captain, you can get more details in the captain handbook, there you can find the potential of captain and check the skill description.

Tavern will unlock at Lvl.7, in tavern you can buy different wines to attract captain join your fleet, there are 3 kinds of wines you can buy, Rum, Brandy and Whisky, Rum is free to use and can be achieved in game, but with it you can only get green and blue quality captain, Brandy costs 10 diamonds and have a chance to get purple captains, Whisky is the most expensive which costs 200 diamonds, but with it you can definitely get an orange quality, the best quality captain, consider the powerful partner you will get, the price is reasonable. 


After introduced hero recruitment, next step is build a powerful ship in,


it is quite helpful for you to take adventure on the ocean. The icon is in the right bottom of game, click the shipyard, here you can forge new ship or upgrade your owned ship to a higher tier.

You can check materials needed for upgrade in this panel, once you collected all materials, click build to bring you more power!


Forge, is a key feature in Pirate World. You can stack more power through this system, currently there are 3 methods in forge, the first one is enhancement:


The second feature is merge, after you reach higher level, you can upgrade your old equipments to higher tier, the third one is refinement, cost red refine stones to dig bonus attributes for your equipments!