Open time: every day

Level to unlock:

Get ranked by fight in arena, you can claim your rank reward each day, has a limit of fight attempts.


Open time: every Thursday to Sunday

In domination, the competition is automatically, only top players could enter the domination to fight each other and determine the champion, to held a domination, the minimum requirements is 64 players, reward will be deliver by the rank in domination. 

3、Camp boss

Open time: 20:00 at every Monday and Thursday

Level to unlock: 25

During this event, a boss will appear in one camp randomly, players in opposite camp need defeat the boss during the event period or the victory will be determined to the defend side. The boss will appear in both camps every week for one time, slain the boss and victory can get reward. 

4、Free battle

Open time: everyday

Level to unlock: 20

After open the PK mode, you can attack players in oppose camp who opens the PK mode in unsafely area, you can get reward for defeat other players, if you are in the opposed camp area, you will be forced to turn your PK mode on. 

5、Legion warfare

Open time: 20:00 at every Wednesday and Saturday

Level to unlock: 25

Every week the legion leader could bid for the 6 strong points in game, the legion could attack the point once the bid succeed if the point is not occupied by others, defeat the boss to win. Fight is required if the point already been occupied by other legion, the offensive side can still win by slain the boss, the defensive side need protect the boss from defeated, the winning side could occupy the point and the strongpoint could bring lots of benefits to the occupied legion. 

6、Camp battlefield

Open time: 21:00, every day.

Level to unlock: 20

Registration starts at 21:00 each day, the battle starts at 21:30. You can get scores from kill and capture the point and the battle result is based on the final score. The rule to capture a point is no opposed camp players in the point. The camp can get score 1 minute later after they capture the point. 


Open time: every day

Level to unlock: 20

You can compare with anyone in the safety area of the City of Kings.