Can’t log in the game, what can I do?

You can try the following two way of methods to solve:
  (1)Please try to refresh the   page.
  (2)Please close the browser   and download and install the latest FLASH plugin
  (3)Recommend that you   temporarily shut down antivirus or firewall software, and then try to login   the game again.

The black screen or screen mess, appear after entering   the game, how to do?

It is recommended to clean your browser cache (Internet   options, delete files, clear the temporary files, delete the COOKIES), and   then close and reopen the browser.

How to play the game before Lv10?

Before Lv10 ,We recommend game player according to new guidelines

I am not upgrade to level 20 yet,Why do I can’t beat the monster?

(1)Please don't forget to Summon   the other captain you in battle
  (2)Please use the skills in   battle。
  (2)Complete the other quest   to improve the strength

How to use The new recruit captain in combat?

Please in the captain - fleet in arbitrary style   interface, drag the captain icon into the middle of the 3 lattice, can summon   him in the next battle the captain。

How the classification of ships?

The game within each level 10 with 4 vessels: normal   attack ships, normal defense ships, advanced attack ships (with crown),   advanced defense ships (with crown)

How to build a boat?

Open the shipyard - shipbuilding interface, click on   the one you want to build ships, click create the ships lack of material, the   system will automatically direct you to the location of item drops or other   systems.

4 ships in same level how to convert?

In-game shipyard system provides the function of ship   transfers,you can transfer attack ships and   defense ships easily in every times, or normal ships and other advanced   ships.

How to get the equipment in this game

The game in new equipment to obtain way: by low grade   equipment and drawings, materials, in the build - synthesis synthesis of   advanced equipment interface

How to get the merge materials of equipment?

Open the forge - merge interface, click on the one you want   to click on the merge of equipment, equipment merge lack of material, the   system will automatically direct you to the location of item drops or other   systems.

How to improve the level?

New player period, complete a variety of quest is the   fastest way to upgrade the level of.

How to improve my battle rating?

In the game you can through many ways to improve your   battle rating:The tavern to recruit more   powerful Captain、To create more advanced ships、The forge merge equipment、Enhance   equipment、get more stars in the astrology system.