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Announcement of Pirate World Renewal-2018/02/07

To improve your gaming experience, all servers of Pirate World will have maintenance at 0:00am on Feb.7th, 2018 UTC-5. Maintenance is expected to take approximately 60 minutes.

            1. National rebate is online from February 7th to February 13th.


             A. You need to choose recharge level first before join event. Please notice recharge level can not be changed again after your decision.

            B. Recharge corresponding number of diamond according to your recharge level.

            C. After finishing your personal recharge, you are entitled to claim server prize when the total number of diamond all players recharge in the server meet the requirements.



2.       Nami’s Gift event is online from February 7th to February 14th.



A.      You can claim the reward after your single recharge reaches the certain amount.


B.      The rewards are different during the event.


C.      You can only claim one reward that is close to your recharge number for your every single recharge.


3.       Deluxe wheel event is online from February 7th to February 13th.



A.        Recharge 1000 diamond during event can get a draw chance.


B.        Prize received from wheel won't be duplicated.


C.        When all prize are draw, wheel will be reset.



4.       Pirate summit event is online from February 7th to February 20th.



A.      Claim the flag and wheel coupon in Grand Rebate panel when the diamonds you recharge reach the certain amount.


B.      Wheel coupon can be used to spin wheel in ‘Blessing Wheel’ panel.


C.      Flag can be used to exchange item in ‘Pirate Totem’ panel. Each item can be only exchanged once.


D.      Certain equipment can be upgraded in ‘Treasure Upgrade’ panel during the event.




5.       Mr. Snowman event is online fromFebruary 7th to February 13th.(Change the snowman point value to the previous one)



A.        When you make snowmen, you will get prize and corresponding snowman score in the meaning while.


B.        After the snowman score you obtain reach the certain amount, you can claim the personal reward in the event panel.


C.        After the total snowman score all players obtainreach the certain amount, all players on the server can claim the server reward. Additionally, the player who help server to break the snowman score boundary will receive special prize in the system mail.



6.      Joyous Day event is online from February 7th to February 13th.



A.        Each round has 9 cards and only 1 card or 3 cards can be draw, select cards then click the "draw" button to get reward hidden in card.


B.        Draw a card can get 35 points, collect points to get ranking prize, prize will be sent via mail after event ends.



A.        The event is open to all players from different servers at the same time.


B.        Player can enter the rank list if consumed a certain amount of Diamonds, but only Top 10 players will be displayed.


C.        Super prize is available if Top 10 players' personal consumed Diamonds reaches required amount of his/her rank.


D.        Rank list refreshes every 5 minutes, personal consumption refreshes immediately, the rank list won't refresh if the countdown ends.


E.         Prize will be sent by mail in 15 minutes after the countdown ends.


8.       Carnival of consume event is online from February 7th to February 13th.



A.      In the event panel, you need to add item to shopping cart before buy it.


B.      Every item is discounted and limited.


C.      More items in your shopping cart, more discount will be given.


D.      The items will be refreshed, please grab the chance.




9.       Winter showdown event is online from February 7th to February 13th.


        A. Each round has 64 ice cube available, click the ice cube to get prize, each click requires a hammer. You have chance to smash ship when you break ice cube. There are 3 types of ship (Normal, Large, Deluxe) in game, smash different ship to get chest in different quality(Golden, Silver, Bronze).

       B. You will obtain corresponding medals after opening chest. Medals can be used to exchange item in shop.

       C. You will be on the rank list when you collect enough medals during the event. The rank reward will be sent to you by system mail after event end.


10.   Add new pet into game: Ancient Wings.

11.   Add triple attributes Gem/Crystal into game.