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Announcement of Severs Combined

Dear players,

To improve your gaming experience, Pirate World will combine some of servers at 17:00 on Sep.14th,2016 UTC-5.There are rules of servers combined,please read the information below carefully!

The details of servers combined as  follows:


【Compensation】After servers combined, the players of S-13,S-19,S-22,S-25,S-26,S-27,S-28,S-31,S-32,S-33 will get compensation. Please pay attention to check the mail!

【Activity】The activities which related to points and rank will be affected. After servers combined, the points will be cleared and the rank will be reset, like Points Carnival, Tycoon, Diamond Spent and so on. Please exchange the remaining points before server combination to avoid unnecessary loss.

【Rename】After servers combined, to distinguish the different players, the character name which are same before will have a suffix. For example, “admin” in S-15 and “admin” in S-16 will be renamed to “admin-jc15” and “admin-jc16”. The players who are renamed by system will have a chance to get a rename card for free.

【Delete Some of Accounts】To improve a better gaming experience, the accounts which Level below 20, logged in the game 20 days ago and no recharge records will be deleted.

【Arena】All data of arena will be cleared. After servers combined, the rank will be reset.

【Pet Arena】Only the rank of objective server will be remained. For example, if S-15 combine with S-16, the data of S-15 will be remained after server combined but S-16 won’t.


*If you have any question or suggestion of server combined,contanct us as soon as possible!